One World One Rope workshops in Kenya and Tanzania

Just wrapped up a great visit to Kenya and Tanzania. The program in Nairobi, now the Jump Rope Association of Kenya - JRAK, has grown tremendously, and it's all due to the coaches. Inno, David, Rose, and Amon are RUNNING things.

They have two teams that include 75+ jumpers, ranging in age from 7-20. Most of their jumpers started within the past year, and are already participating in weekly roadshows and five practices/week.

First-year jumpers are doing TJ's. Isaac's consistently hitting 94 in 30 seconds. Wycliffe's doing all sorts of strength and multiples (Quint AS, Sunny D to back handspring). It's so cool watching older jumpers like Diana, Duncan, and now-coach Brian, take on mentorship roles with this new group. The future is looking bright.

The coaches have started year-round jump rope clubs at three schools in Nairobi, and are starting a fourth in early 2017.

Five of their jumpers are attending school on full scholarship - Christine, Duncan, Constance, Michelle, and Victor.

So much progress since 2014, and all of this has been accomplished with little to no outside assistance. The coaches hustle day in and day out, and are so passionately committed to the growth of the sport nationally and within the East African community.