One World One Rope is an instructional jump rope program beginning in kenya and Tanzania. We aim to establish sustainable, independently-run programs around the world, creating a network of youth united in jumping.


physical activity through the sport of jump rope

We teach the sport of jump rope to youth around the world, using it as a means to develop healthy lifestyles, foster confidence and leadership, and experience the benefits of success. By performing and teaching in a variety of settings, we inspire youth to get active, and join a fun, safe, heart-healthy community.


jump rope initiatives around the world

One World One Rope establishes new jump rope programs in countries around the world. After successful launches in Tanzania and Kenya, we've found a model that works - coach training, local growth, community engagement, and national expansion. We partner with non-profit organizations in the country, strengthening the efforts of both programs.


the world of jump rope

We bring together the old and the new, the experts and the beginners - strengthening our new programs with the knowledge of elite, world-champion teams and individuals. Through our partnership with World Jump Rope, young teams can participate in regional and national Jump Rope Competitions and Camps.

on a mission to get

the world jumping.